What is your vision for your life? Our goal is to help you become the happy and well-rounded person you always wanted to be.  Dr. Ferrari will work with you on your journey to improve your life.  When you are ready to get started please contact us to find out how our services may help you and your family.

     The therapeutic services provided by CCE benefit people with a variety of needs.  These include individual stress, family and relationship conflicts, impulse control, emotional regulation, anxiety, grief and loss, scholastic concerns, behavioral and adjustment disorders.  Therapy is provided to support the development of healthy habits, better relationships, and healthy coping skills.  Dr. Ferrari also offers culturally competent and affirming services for LGBTQ clients. 

The virtual organizing services offered by CCVS assist clients who are trying to get their environments in order as they go through life’s changes.

     Mediation services, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is an interactive process where Dr. Ferrari will assist disputing parties, help to resolve conflict, and guide individuals through the process of negotiation to come to a mutual settlement. 

     All services provided are carried out via a secure, HIPPA compliant telehealth platform and are here to help you navigate your way through through current stressful life issues, set goals for your future, and find ways to reach them.  Making positive changes may help you reduce stress, grow into your potential, and become what you were meant to be. 

Are you ready to change your life?  Contact us today.