License No. and State:

Florida: SW13976

Pennsylvania: CW016775


Current Experience


Champion Comprehensive Evolution, LLC

  • Comprehensive behavioral health services to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents
  • Intensive therapy
  • Assessment, treatment planning, and goal setting
  • Assisting clients and families develop skills to successfully transition through change
  • Development and leadership of therapeutic/psychoeducadtional groups including Rural LGBTQ and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Coaching and consulting


Virtual School Based Therapist                               

The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

  • Online behavioral health services with students and families of students attending PA Cyber School
  • Helping students meet academic goals through behavior management

Past Experience

Outpatient and School Based Therapist                                

Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services, Inc., ~

  • Provided comprehensive behavioral and mental health counseling to children, adults, and families
  • Completed assessment of care needs
  • Developed bio-psycho-social assessment of the client to determine treatment plan goals
  • Collaborated with psychiatric staff to determine client needs and ensure interdisciplinary care
  • Assisted clients and families meet their treatment plan goals through individual and group therapy sessions
  • Developed and implemented school based therapy groups
  • Proficient use of behavioral healthcare software including Credible
  • Discharge planning


Behavior Specialist Consultant, Mobile Therapist, Therapeutic Staff Support                                                     

The Stern Center ~

  • Counseled and provided therapy to parents and children with behavioral health conditions
  • Completed  Functional Behavior Assessments for Autism Spectrum children
  • Consulted with psychiatric staff, case management, and county employees to ensure consistency in client treatment
  • Developed treatment plan which included goals, objectives, interventions, and behavior management skills
  • Developed agency treatment plan template
  • Supervised treatment team, including mobile therapists and therapeutic staff, by providing on site direction,  development, and demonstration of techniques to meet treat plan goals


Behavioral Health Social Worker                                                                       

Highlands Hospital ~  

  • Counseled and interacted with patients and their families in the behavioral health unit
  • Provided initial evaluation, needs assessment, discharge planning, and linked patients with appropriate community resources
  • Conducted psychosocial assessments to determine patient’s needs and level of care appropriate
  • Assisted in crisis intervention by communication with staff
  • Collaborated with case management, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff  to ensure consistent treatment of patient


Family and Residential Therapist                                             

Sequel Care

  • Provided therapy to children diagnosed with mental illness and behavioral problems across home, school, and community settings
  • Instructed clients, biological, foster, and adoptive families about topics ranging from medication management to therapeutic interventions for behavioral and emotional difficulties
  • Developed  treatment plans and bio-psycho-social evaluations for all clients and families  
  • Medicaid /HMO billing
  • Created and led  therapeutic groups for adolescent females in residential setting



Doctorate of Social Work

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Research focuses included: 

  • Macro practice
  • Environmental and social justice
  • Rural Communities
  • Shale gas development and fracking
  • Animal assisted therapy

Master of Social Work

California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA                                   

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Minor: Sociology

Trainings, Professional Development, Research Positions, and Internships


Southwestern Pennsylvania School Districts                                                                                                         

Presenter: “SafeZone Training” 

Counsel on Social Work Education                                                                                                                                  

Invited to present: “Fracking the Rural Landscape: Industry Innovations vs. Social and Economic Justice,” 

Graduate Research Position

School of Social Work, University of South Florida           

Society for the Study of Social Problems                                                                                                         

Presenter: “Rural Environmental Issues as a Social Justice Concern,. 

Graduate Assistant

School of Social Work, California University of Pennsylvania

Behavioral Health Social Worker Intern              

Highlands Hospital ~

Graduate Assistant

History Department, California University of Pennsylvania

Medical Social Work Intern

Highlands Hospital ~


  • Florida and Pennsylvania Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • FBI clearance: Department of Education, Department of Public Welfare
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Record History Clearance
  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment Plan Development certification
  • CFARS certification
  • Human Participants Protection Education for Research Teams certification
  • Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring trained water monitor


Board of Directors, Executive Committee Member, Assistant Treasurer

Mountain Watershed Association ~

  • Preservation, protection, and reclamation of the Laurel Highlands’ watershed
  • Grassroots community organizing
  • Advocated for rural communities
  • Executed water monitoring
  • Coordinated community outreach
  • Assisted with fundraising, budget review and approval

National Association of Social Workers

Member ~PA